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Development paradigms such as Industry 4.0 in Europe and Society 5.0 in Japan are getting importance and significant implications in industry and society worldwide. The IWIS2022 aims to put these concepts in focus with industry-academia collaborations for the improvement of society by means of technology and digitalization. Societal implications and energy and resource management are of increasing importance today, as climate change is one of the biggest challenges that the planet is facing; that is the main reason for Industry 4.0 being upgraded to the next level, Industry 5.0, to involve these variables already considered in the Japanese Society 5.0.  

In collaboration with the Graduate School of Engineering of Kyoto University and the School of Engineering Science of the University of Skövde, this workshop serves as a networking hub and forum for international researchers to discuss potential benefits, barriers, and key projects regarding Industry 5.0 and Society 5.0. The key aspects are the introduction and comparison of both paradigms and how to support them with the last research including topics such as smart manufacturing, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Human-Robot Collaboration, Simulation, Optimization, and the Functional Resonance Analysis Method.


The IWIS202 is co-organized with the FRAMily2022 on 15th - 17th November at The SODOH Higashiyama Kyoto. More information about the FRAMily 2022 can be found here:



Workshop's topic and sessions

The general topic of the workshop is “The role of Humans and Data in Industry 5.0 and Society 5.0” including the following sessions:

  • Opening: Internationalization and industry-academia collaborations
  • Plenary Talk I: Design of resilient socio technical systems by human system co creation for super-smart society
  • Session: Industry 5.0 / Society 5.0 industrial implementations I: The role of humans in automated environments
  • Plenary Talk II Industry 5.0 and virtual factories with knowledge-driven optimization
  • Panel discussion: Key factors for industry & academia collaborations
  • Session: Industry 5.0 / Society 5.0 industrial implementations II: Increasing safety and resilience





Katsura Library, Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University:

Kyotodaigakukatsura, Nishikyo Ward, Kyoto, 615-8530


Online participation possibility; Zoom link available after registration.

Access and transportation:



Coffee, refreshments, and sweets/snacks are provided during the coffee breaks. Lunch not included, please bring cash for the university canteen at Katsura campus, located by the venue. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, lunch or tables cannot be pre-booked at Kyoto University.

We kindly ask to wear mask at the venue while not presenting or eating/drinking.



Registration for the workshop is required. Registration is free of charge and available at the main menu to the left.

Participants wishing to take part online have to register to obtain the Zoom link to the workshop.


Organization committe

-         Yasue Naruki, Kyoto University   

-         Enrique Ruiz Zúñiga, JSPS Fellow Kyoto University, University of Skövde

-         Tetsuo Sawaragi, Kyoto University   

-         Minato Shinobu, Kyoto University  




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